Relle's Brand is a growing brand that currently specialises in Interior Design, Home Organisation, Business Enhancement & Project Management.

Hi I'm Charelle Gordon Founder & Director of Relle's Ltd.

Relle's aims to be a multi service brand providing services to customers and clients with all different needs and requirements.

I got the idea for the brand from my work and life experiences over the years and found I had a passion for a number of different trades and was pretty good at & have a talent for more than one thing.

As a teen I used to work in Hair salons as a Junior and as both my mum & step-mum were hairdressers I had watched and learned and become good at hairdressing. I would do my friends hair on weekends sometimes or help out at my step-mums salon throughout the summer holidays.

Straight out of school I qualified in Childcare and went on to work in nurseries for a number of years which I loved (I love children and was always babysitting mums friends kids or kids in the family). Whilst working in Nurseries I saw things I did not like and didn't feel children got the best care that they should have been getting so I went on to study Business Marketing & Management & Web Design with the intention of opening a Nursery of my own. I quit my job in the Nursery I was working at and started working in Government.

Whilst working my day job I would take on hobby type decorating jobs for family and friends, sourcing materials, textiles or furniture and putting together colour schemes. Before I knew it I found I was doing this on a regular basis and absolutely loved making peoples homes look good. When living with my mum she would often come home to a newly decorated place and all her visitors were amazed her young daughter was responsible.

I'd always had a childhood dream of building homes and I would play the sims regularly just to build a house then wouldn't actually play with the sims. Growing up I often went with my dad on his construction jobs and I was keenly interested and learned a lot from him about plumbing, electrics, building etc. I also had a dream to travel the world and to be an air-hostess (I think it's every little girls dream really) I had a fascination with Aeroplanes and would often sit at the Airport with my dad just watching planes take off and land.

in 2010 I became an Air Hostess and began fulfilling my childhood dream until I fell pregnant with my first child and after my maternity leave I made the decision not to fly again as I didn't want to be separated from my brand new baby. (like ever lol)

Whilst being a stay at home mum I began designing and sourcing for peoples homes again but not doing the work and enjoyed it so much I Qualified as an Interior Designer working freelance.

When designing the interior of peoples home or viewing their properties I would often think to myself "this wall is in the wrong place" or "who designed this place" or "It should have been designed like this!!" and that's when it hit me!!! I love designing Interiors but I want to design Exteriors too. I then started my route to Architecture in 2016 which I am currently still studying with 2 years to go!!

My dream for this brand is to carry on the passion that I have for each of these trades. An Architectural & Interior Design firm, A Home Organisation Service, A Business Consultancy, A Nursery, An Airline, An Hair Salon and who knows maybe more....

Look out for more & more services being added to the Brand and I hope one of my services brings you joy in the near future.